Catch Ya Later SF! Jun 25, 2013


It’s been real fun. There will be much more coverage on the way, but I’d like to say thanks to some of the people who made this trip such a unique experience:

Mission Workshop (you guys rule!)
Bike Mag
-Geoff at Box Dog Bikes
-Victor from Archive Bags
-Chas and Lindsey from TCB Courier
Benny Gold
-John from Rapha
-Kyle and Adria from Golden Saddle Cyclery
Brian Vernor
Ibis Cycles
-Garrett from Strawfoot
-Steve from Godspeed
Tailor Stitch
Extra Bigger / DNO
Four Barrel
Trouble Coffee

  • John Maniquis

    Awww thanks Prolls! But next visit we need to make sure you and I get to have whiskey time….