Cadence: Turbo Spring Summer 2013 Part 01 Now Available Jun 4, 2013


Check out the first drop from Cadence’s newest line entitled Turbo. I love a good, small pocket knife and the Coin looks to be just that. Also check out the new graphic tees and tanks.

  • Sean Hunter

    It looks like a 2 dollar pos china knife copy of a spiderco with a cadence logo on it. Prolly comon man thats a shit knife and you know it.

    • Simmer dude. People complain all the time about me only posting expensive, Made in the USA products. I like to show options.

      • Sean Hunter

        I guess its a damned if you do/dont thing then. Personally a knife is a hard use tool and I couldn’t stand one that was bad. Btw the sword looks fucking rad with the rack and risers.

  • Chazz Michaels

    byrd knives