The Brooks Cambium C17 is in Stock! Jun 17, 2013


Pick up one of the mens and ladies edition Brooks Cambium C17 online today. This issue is a limited-edition run, so swoop one of these vegan saddles up fast. See more information at the Brooks Blog.

  • Bruno Moreno

    I am really curious to hear what people think about these saddles. Did you get one to test out Prolly?

  • Jake Ricker

    I really wish those assholes picked me to test it out.
    A vegan bike messenger seemed like a pretty good candidate to test a new vegan saddle.

    • Just buy one already and I’m sure you’re not the only vegan bike messenger that contacted them. ;-)

      • Jake Ricker

        Haha I know! Just kidding.
        I want one, trust me!
        I just don’t really have an extra $194.