Blackburn Asks What’s Out There? Jun 1, 2013

UGHHHHHHHHHHH…. I want to get out there again. It’s been too long! Most importantly, I’m stoked for friends of mine who actually are getting out there this summer. I know Ty’s getting stoked on the Great Divide. Check out the latest campaign from Blackburn.

“What’s Out There?

Designed with Blackburn’s founding principle in mind – the spirit of adventure – the Out There program tells the story of two iconic cycling routes, the people who ride them and the uncommon adventures they have along the way. These routes, the Pacific Coast Highway and the Great Divide, serve as the blank pages that the Blackburn ambassadors, nicknamed “Rangers”, will craft their stories of adventure upon.

Watch the video for a glimpse into the people, the places and the uncommon adventures that make up the Out There program.
Visit in late July to hear the rest of the story.”

  • Jamie McKeon

    almost bought plane tickets having seen this and revisiting your tour snaps