Bike Minimalism Reviews the SWRVE Milwaukee Hoodie


Bike Minimalism Reviews the SWRVE Milwaukee Hoodie

I have a SWRVE Milwaukee hoodie and it certainly performs! The Bike Minimalism crew took a swing at it recently…

“The Bikeminimalism crew had the opportunity to test the swrve Milwaukee ES -hoodies during the fall-winter season of 2012-2013. The testing commenced in September 2012 and we finished in late April 2013.

As part of our testing, we brought the hoodies through heavy winds, rain, sleet, snow, slush and various other miserable conditions. The temperatures ranged from the comfortable +10° centigrade to the downright miserable -25°C.

Filmed on January 5, 2013, it was one of the 5-6 sunny days during the winter. Don’t be fooled by the sunny skies – the temperature was more or less -10°C, it was windy and cold as hell. Nevertheless, our rider was happy to ruffle his feathers… “