Division 1 Red Hook Crit Navy Yard Cinelli Vigorelli

Something I’ve been saying a lot this past year is how the crit track bike has become its own character within the world of “fixed gear”. Now, I don’t want to generalize too much (I’m guilty of that) but unlike track bikes used to actually race at the track, the crit track bike takes on more eccentric personality. Think of them like a racing machine found in F1 or Nascar. Bright colors, patterns, excessive details that jump out and catch your attention in the four or five seconds of each lap.

The most compelling example in recent months being the Stanridge Speed x Death Spray “magnetic” design or the hyper neon Dosnoventa bikes. Call it what you will but I’ll call it exhibitionist extravagance with two wheels. Case in point are the new Division 1 Cinelli Vigorelli frames. These are full blown, over the top, lightweight race machines.

Custom painted ENVE wheels laced to pink Phil Wood hubs, custom anodized PAUL cranks, custom anodized Thomson stem, Thomson post with a matching Thomson collar, Painted ENVE bars, custom Busyman saddle and bar tape. The guys went all out to match the Cinelli Vigorelli “Giro” pink paint scheme.

Would I ride it? No but I’m a little more reserved when it comes to paint. Besides, I’m a purple kinda guy. Do I think it works in the context of one of the most exhibitionist track bike criteriums of all time? Of course. It’s fun, colorful, will look great at night (in the rain nonetheless) and will match the Division 1 team’s Pee Wee Herman skinsuits to a T. Yes, they even have bow ties.

Call them what you will but Colin Strickland, a local racer, or beast have you, is sitting pretty at number 5 in the Red Hook Crit standings and he isn’t even warmed up yet… Now, if the rest of the team can work together, one of these machines might make it to the podium.

At any rate, a race is a race, a bike is a bike and you can check out more of this excessively extravagant track bike crit machine in the Gallery!

  • Pretty wild concept but whoever taped off the Cinelli flying “C” for the wheels should have used a ruler. Having spent so much time and money on such a build, it seems like the wheels should be matching. Maybe I’m just being nit picky, cool concept overall.

    • Could be that they’re not lined up perfectly in the photo, too.

      • robby

        the bottom wing on the front wheel is way lower than the rear

        • because it’s rotated slightly in the photo. Wheels tend to roll, but I try not to hold it against them. It’s one of their better traits.

  • Prince Racster


  • Sofubi Shogun

    Is there somewhere that will ano parts for you? Killer steed.

    • An anodizing facility… ;-)

      • Sofubi Shogun

        Sorry, poorly asked. Would that many pieces be a big enough batch to get it done?

        • Most places charge per vat. Call your local anodizing shop (yellow pages or google)

  • Eric Baumann

    that is a fantastic shade of pink on the components…the entire bike is a bit much…but that pink is phenomenal.

  • Doug M.

    Would like to see pink ano C-dale hollowgrams someday, but probably no 165mm.

  • test tube ( ‘| )

    i’m sorry… what do you mean ‘beautiful bicycle’? are you color blind?

    • Did you read? Or just jump to snarky?

      • test tube ( ‘| )

        sorry, forgot the snappy smilie at the end. :)

  • test tube ( ‘| )
  • Winn Deburlo