Chas’ Mash Cinelli Prototype Track

Two years ago, Chas and Walton from MASH sat down with the designers at Cinelli in Italy to work on the next track frame. After years of riding track bikes both on the street and in races, the two of these athletes knew exactly what they wanted. The end product was something unlike any track bike Cinelli has made before: a mixture of new technology with performance and practicality in mind.

Last year at Interbike, Cinelli handed over two of the prototypes, which were spraypainted with Montana outside Mash’s flagship store in SF (in fact, you can still see blue and green overspray all over the sidewalk). Chas’ green track bike has traveled the world and seen its share of the fast n loose riding lifestyle. It’s been in multiple Red Hook Crits and bombed the streets of SF and NYC alike.

The most noticeable difference in this frame, versus the older MASH frames include a tapered fork and head tube for added stiffness and proprietary hydroformed Columbus tubing. A level top tube and traditional track geometry add a confident stance to this bike’s profile. In short: the Mash team is very happy with their work and with new paint samples on the way, I had to shoot photos of this bike while it was still built up….

Many thanks to Chas and Lindsey for recommending the sunset bike shoot location and Bucket for showing his appreciation.

  • Jorge Hernandez

    Cool to see new “track” bikes with tapered headtubes and hydro tubes! IMO there has to be more fixed gear bikes made with modern road bike mixed with a little track bike geo, tapered headtubes, pressfit bb’s, even sloping toptubes! But hey, that’s what I like on a bike! Nice one Cinelli.

  • Epic spot.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Digging the logo treatment – hope that carries over to the production models. Cool that it’d work with or without the fork (if for whatever reason you swapped forks…

  • Richard Smith

    Like it

  • Trip Lee

    is his thompson seatpost backward?
    sick bike though! and its my favorite color!

    • schue113

      How do you have your Thomson installed? Clamp is oriented the correct way.

  • schue113

    Cinelli should get some MPLS riders on their bikes. There are a few of us that are running Cinelli frames. Too many damn All City bikes (not that I don’t like them) but I have an affinity for that c wing. Kitchen is covered with old Cinelli bars and stems sitting on the cupboards spending their retirement. MPLS has a velodrome, alley cats, etc. Next we just need Cinelli to get some of us riders on their new steeds.

  • Matthew Lew

    Do you happen to have the pics in high res? Would love them as a wallpaper.

  • That bike looks like it’s seen some good miles. Can’t wait to see the production model. As always, Great photos!

  • 49teeth

    Geometry looks so solid, looking forward to more news on this

  • Eli

    Better replace that stretched chain before it prematurely wears out that beautiful work of art. Being lazy and not replacing things right away is whatever but come on! Don’t rub it in to those of us who can’t get our hands on those things!

    • Christopher Beall

      call a cop.

  • Miles Away

    How did you get the bike to stand up?

    • a log

      • I liked the story about the magic elves.

      • Miles Away

        did you have to photoshop it out afterwards?

        • its the log that the dog is peeing on, so no. I didn’t photoshop it out.

  • Lucas Brunelle sig FTW. The level top tube was a good move.

  • Victor_Tvrdy

    I wonder how long it takes him to skid through a tire…
    This pair is fresh aparently :)

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    track frame have to go bb30/bb86! manufacturers have it easy to make cranks. do it, Industry.

    • Khairi Omar


  • marcelo nunez

    What bars are those?

  • Guest

    What camera and lens kit that you use to take pictures?

  • dcondankz68

    What camera and lens kit that you use to take pictures?

    • Hamilton

      Just shoot with a large aperture for the blurry background.

  • Brett Bohstedt

    Nicely shot set, John. I really liked all the angles you shot from, they helped me focus on the little “unseen” or inadvertent details of the bike, the nuances if you will.

  • mauro tittoto

    nice set and details… apart from the hydroformed tubes isn’t the same direction of the houston 290 frame(tapered fork, horizontal top tube. smoothed weldings)? what you think?

  • Zalka Márton

    does anyone know, what kind of bartape is Chas using?
    is it a tape for hockey sticks or what? im really curious and it looks rad. :D

  • Nikola Papp Bulatovic

    Anyone know what wheels he had in that build?

    • Malik Hadad

      Low flange dura ace hubs laced to mavic cxp 14 rims.