Tomii Cycles: Bobby’s Fat Road May 7, 2013


This is Tomii number 12 if I’m not mistaken and in the short time Nao has been building, I have to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching him progress. This latest customer project is best described as a “fat road bike”. Bigger tires, disc and Dura Ace downtube shifters. Pretty interesting component choices, wouldn’t you say? Check out more at the Tomii Flickr.


    What cranks are those?

    • I thought they were Tune but I have no idea.

      • kinda look like cook bros

        • they are syncros cranks

          • Mister Dangerpants

            Thanks, Eric! Yup, they’re Syncros Revolution from the early/mid 1990s.

    • recurrecur

      Dunno – but they look like bmx cranks.

  • De-badged Gusset pygmy 853’s?

  • hubba hubba

  • very nice build! what bar end plugs are those? i’ve been looking everywhere for that kid of plugs without any luck…

    • Trevor H

      I am pretty sure that they are the ones that come with ENVE bars, but I am not able to say for sure, as I do not yet own a set of ENVE bars.

    • Mister Dangerpants

      They’re the standard plugs that come with the ENVE handlebars.

    • The ENVE bar plug is two pieces, one of which is a small plastic plug which inserts into the very small opening at the tapered ends of the handlebar. No other h’bar has this kind of interface.

      • ok, i got it. they’re handlebar specific… thanks for the info, kerry!

  • Mister Dangerpants

    John, thanks so much for posting #12! It’s wonderful you highlight so many independent builders. Kudos!

  • Follow @low_life_jordan (duder who painted this one and many other beautiful Boston built bicycles) on the ‘gram. You won’t regret it!

  • Sean Curran

    this bike is really beautiful . Love the color and the build.

  • It’s a very spare, clean build. Nice job by the frame builder and the owner.

  • robinson

    beautiful bike! any ideas as to skewers brand?

    • Mister Dangerpants


  • Mister Dangerpants

    I forgot to mention that Nao made me a beautiful front rack for beer runs: