Tokyo Fixed: 2013 Dart Track Bike May 2, 2013



Tokyo Fixed unveiled their new 2013 Dart track bike today:

“Most obviously, we’ve gone large. The headtube takes a 44mm zero-stack headset, and the top tube and downtube are similarly brutish. We custom sourced the tubing for this frame, no-one else is using tubes this big. This means the weight stays down, but the frame is unbelievably stiff; this complete bike is down to 7.8kg. Our team rider Jacob says it rides more like our S1 than the old Dart, the huge tubes imparting comfort as well as responsiveness.”

See more shots and a lot more information on these new framesets at Tokyo Fixed.

  • rob

    no one else is using tubing that big? not sure if tubing is as big in diameter but its got to be close. still the bike looks rad!!!

  • Nice lookin’ saddle. Do you know what it is?

    • ryan scails

      it’s a Tioga Spyder