The Grime: G.O.A.T. Track Frame May 9, 2013


Up in NYC, there’s something new about to hit the streets:

“True track geometry adapted for the street. The G.O.A.T. track frame is both nimble and responsive yet strong enough to be the frame of choice for NYC bike couriers and street racers alike. Greatest Of All Track.

Extremely short wheelbase keeps wheelies and maneuverability at an all time high. The geometry of the G.O.A.T. track borrows heavily from our favorite classic track frames of the late 1990s as well as our proven fgfs frames.”

These look really rad guys! See more at GRIME.

  • Love the triple triangle geo.
    But I do wonder, what is that brace for on the non-drive side between the seat-stay and chain-stay? Why does that side need to be stronger?
    60cm nice!

    • krillz

      just helps tighten up the rear end a bunch in conjunction with the triple triangle. especially when mashing and pedaling hard through corners where there may be some flex or twist in the rear end. its only non drive side bc i didnt want to interfere with anyone trying to run a weird ratio or bigger cog in the rear where it may catch some chain slap.

      edit: by “bigger” i mean like 19 or some oddball 52+ chainring

      • excellent! very thoughtful design

  • Grime have Killed it again!
    This is so dope! Want to see some built up now!

  • Can’t stop coming back to look at this frame. Dead sexy.

  • Ralph Duron

    i ordered this frame and im getting the shaft. not a single person has contacted me about my order. ive left emails and voicemails and now my calls are being forwarded. i dont understand i just want a frame.

    • Cancel your order / get a refund from your card carrier or your Paypal.