Team Dream Team Bicycle Team Goods May 24, 2013

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Photos by Jesse Carmody

Before my duffle bag with all my clothing and cycling apparel was stolen in SF (die, bastards!), my Team Dream Team Bicycle Team Bobcat shirt was going to be a summer staple. Bobcats are cool because nature is metal and I love pocket tees. Or, if front-graphic tees are more your style, why not pick up a “Woody” edition:

“Meet Thomas “Woody” Wood, proprietor of Golden Saddle Cyclery, cycling coach, former messenger, US Olympic mechanic, Master Track National Champion, new dad, and all around good dude. This tall tree took a spill mountain biking and now has a rather large accumulation of medical bills that need to be paid.”

Check out a few more photos below and scoop up a shirt at Team Dream Team Bicycle Team Dream Team Beam Me Up Scotty.

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  • Noah Lynch

    Lucero in the house

  • Wil Grundon