Selection May 21, 2013


Since receiving low res scans of my 220 and 35mm film from the Mission Workshop China tour, I’ve been slowly editing down the photos for a show and a limited edition book. Lyndi from Mission Workshop has been a huge help in editing down all the photos and in this selection process, we’ve found a surprising number of pairings. It’s nice to finally nail down a concept.

My photo show and book launch, entitled the Ends will be taking place on Saturday, June 15th in San Francisco at Mission Workshop. More details to come on the event but mark that date down.

I hope you can make it out!

  • Evan Wilson

    awesome man, looking forward to an austin show.

  • PNT

    would there be an online version of book sometime? so the people on the other side of the globe can enjoy.

    • You’ll be able to buy a copy for $35 and they’ll ship internationally.

      • PNT


      • zeeeeeeecore

        perfect birthday gift to myself! hope there’ll be a viking sticker or two to go with the book ;)

  • Oh man… I can’t want to see these photos!

  • Bruno Moreno

    Off topic, I really like that table. Any history on it?