Recent Roll: My FBM Sword is Summer Jammin’

Sometimes, the simplest changes in a bike’s setup can really enhance the ride. Take my Sword. Sure, it looked mean as hell with drops but I swapped them out for those Budnitz Ti sweep bars and plugged on a Cetma rack. It’s the perfect photo bike, with the aid of the Tanner Goods Field Camera Bag… Check out a few more photos below.

Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Kodak Portra 400

  • few things in life as pleasurable as a dialed brakeless rackbike (if I may, ), beauty build John

  • TCB Rack or die… :)

  • mad!

  • love that purple chain ring. should’ve snagged one.

  • What about the Icarus track bike? Haven’t seen any photos recently. Did you get the fork painted?

  • i have been thinking of doing the same to my bike last few weeks. excellent timing. can i find out how much weight can i load on the rack safely? i am planning to put my camera bag on it as well.

  • what pedals?

  • jaerrod

    Duuuude road vibrations?

  • mathilda murray

    STUNNING DESIGN! wow, that reminds me I should start working on my bike again. . . here is an interesting link to win a trip to the Design Fair in Berlin, Germany! (btw -that is a great place for cycling ! )

    Hope, you like it!


  • alreadyupsidedown

    What do you use to scan your negatives?

    • Epson v600 but I’d recommend the v700 Photo

      • alreadyupsidedown

        Thanks man, I was considering it. Do you use it for your 35mm as well?

  • stickone

    I would like to know what do you think about this cargo racks , I was wondering about put one on my cinelli mash histogram .

    • james

      they are amazing. It took a little effort on my part to get my rack sent out but it was worth it. I want to try the one that doesnt require handle bar clamps

  • zeeeeeeecore