Review: Search and State S1-A Jersey and S1-S Bibs

Without a doubt, green is a color of spring…

I’ve been a supporter of Search and State since I first caught wind of their operations in New York City. Their S1-A jersey is a staple in my daily rotation (see my older product review here) and now, the S1-S bibs have been providing me with comfortable rides on all my bikes. S&S’s line is minimally branded, made in New York City from technical fabrics and is far from your standard cycling apparel.

So far, I’ve logged about 10 rides in the shorts, washed them, hung them out to dry and even dried them on medium heat. They still look brand new and they hold their black dye. I know the price might seem a little steep, but bibs are something you’ll wear much more than a jersey. Plus, they’re each made by hand in NYC and domestic production is a little more expensive for a reason.

As far as fit is concerned, I’d rate their sizing a bit like a club cut. If you’re unsure which size to get, go down. I usually wear an medium or large in club bibs and XL in race cut. Here, I’m wearing a large and the fit is comfortable, without being restricting. What I’m most impressed with though is the detailing and how soft the fabric feels. That and they look great with any jersey…

While this particular color-pairing looks great on the road, it also beckons for the ‘wood, so I took to the trails yesterday afternoon before shooting these photos. Check out my thoughts on these two garments in the narrated Gallery.

Search and State S1-A Riding Jersey $125
Search and State S1-S Riding Short $210


    I have two pairs. Medium for quick rides and a Large for longer endurance rides. The material is unreal. It’s crazy soft. I personally wish the length was a bit shorter but thats because I am short. Short people problems.

  • prometheus

  • Paul Kirby

    Regarding your sizing remark, would you say that the sizing info on the SAS website is accurate (32″-34″ waist for large bibs)?

    Also, your review is from May. How have the garments held up over the Texas summer months? I don’t mind spending some good money on bike clothing – I just want the investment to be worth it.

  • Arturo Carrion

    I have the gray jersey and the bibs. I love both, the bib specially is AWESOME! Clean clean manufacturing, perfect chamois, understated look. The material feels so soft! I can say this feel better than my PI P.R.O. , 2xu, and a selection of high end capo. I dont mean to dis my bibs, as they are great specially the PI P.R.O. Which were my go to bib. This are just a bit better, which is a difficult thing to achive.