My Lady is Tough May 29, 2013


Yesterday while riding home, one of Lauren’s panniers got stuck in her rear wheel, sending her and her beloved Icarus to the ground. I got “the” phone call that every spouse / partner gets at some point in their cycling-friendly relationship: “I wrecked my bike, come pick me up!”

Remarkably, she was more upset about her stem, bars, brake levers and paint getting scratched than the road rash on her elbow, hip, knee and hand. After a scrub down and some ointment application, all is well. I straightened her bars, tightened her panniers and made sure she was happy…

Bikes are going to get wrecked. They’ll get dented, dinged, chipped and bent if you love them accordingly (i.e. ride the piss out of them). Skin grows back and marks add character.

Ride safe.

ps. my lady is tough!

  • Ian Stone

    Beat up bikes are cool. Hope she heals up fast!

  • Remember when Liz and I ran into you and Lauren at Royal Blue? It was so funny watching them compare scrapes from the inevitable first fall in clip-less shoes on the road bikes we bought for them. Same injury, same day, good times :)

    • Tyler

      Those falls always feel like it takes 20 minutes to hit the ground, yet just fast enough for you to forget how to unclip yourself.

  • Andrew Schwab

    Are you just rubbing chamois cream on her and calling it ‘ointment’?

  • hans

    scrapes on bikes and bodies is good! and yeah, is that chamois cream dude?? ride safe Lauren!

  • Ian M. Summers

    Welp you cant call a bike yours until you crash it.