Merckx Mondays May 6, 2013

Merckx Mondays_01

Everyone knows that the brand Eddy Merckx isn’t what it used to be. After Eddy sold the company, it kind of went in a different direction. Ok, it totally went in a different direction. Not that the classic Merckx frames suffer from this modern association but there’s something to be said about pedigree and integrity.

One thing’s for sure, Eddy has pedigree and in his old age, he’s maintaining his integrity. Now the brand? That’s up to you to discuss. Take these three photos for instance, sent in by Klaus from Cycling Inquisition. He was in Belgium recently and met Eddy while at the factory.

I love the shot of “Eddy’s Bike”. Too good Klaus!

Oh and I’d still rather see him on a Molteni…