Lauren’s New Icarus May 1, 2013


Being the girlfriend of a “bike blogger” has as many ups as it has downs. The obvious down being that I’m on the road a lot but one of the ups is, well, this… Lauren loved her Tokyo Fixed Dream Machine porteur but wanted something more suited for front-loading and longer rides in the hilly landscape that is Austin. Maybe, just maybe, some camping, too.

I chatted with her a lot about what she wanted and we came up with this “sportif porteur”. Mid trail for front-loading, fender / rack mounts, long-range gearing and an upright riding position. She didn’t want big touring tires, so its designed to fit a 28c with fenders or a 32c without. The build is quite reasonable, with higher-end components where they count.

Once we resolve which basket or rack we’re gong to use on the front, I’ll shoot more photos, highlighting Ian at Icarus‘ handywork. For now, this is all you get…

  • sygyzy

    Do you have some agreement where she gets one bike for every 2-3 you get, because that’s what it feels like. By the way, if you weren’t sure of my tone … I think that’s AWESOME!

  • What bars are those?

    • Nitto Albatross

      • hans

        my wife loves those bars man, we flipped them for her ride although i like the look of them swooping down more. like the stem on that thing too, bet Lauren is happy!

  • want more.