John Daniel Reiss: Hunting the TCB Courier Kits May 22, 2013

Photos by John Daniel Reiss

As previously-stated, yesterday I rode with Chas in Golden Gate Park. Which if I lived in SF, would be a daily staple in my riding routine. There’s something completely ironic about a camo cycling kit but it works exceptionally well on the new Endo Customs-made TCB Courier kits and yes, they look completely rad in person too.

Check out more photos below…




…I just wish I could get one! Maybe they’ll do a pre-order?

  • Steven Keyes

    Very cool kit.
    If they’re serious about raising money to buy a cargo bike they will put out a pre-order.
    Let’s hope they’re serious! I would love to support the good people that are TCB.

    • dead serious. Thats why they made shirts as well. check out

  • Owen Millárd

    i hope there’s more photos of that cinelli.

  • BlocBoi Fame

    No love for the Boda Boda NYC kit?

  • Seth Monstera

    As someone with a TCB tattoo, this is extremely relevant to my interests… Awesome kit guys! Great photos John.

  • Dustin Hopkins

    Killer Kit

  • schue113

    What Cinelli frame is that? I have seen pics of the one that Cinelli’s guys are riding in the Tour d’Afrique(?) and it looks like the same bike. Steel and I want one.