I Know I Know May 19, 2013



It’s been a long couple of days on the road for the ATOC this year. Mostly filled with the riding to blogging ratio tipped towards saddle time. The trip has been very productive, while veering a little to the left of the norm. I didn’t find myself in a neutral support car, or scouring the crowds at the start of the race. Instead, we soaked up the riding that the various host cities had to offer.

Tomorrow morning (read: in 7 hours), I’ll be at the start of the 2013 ATOC in SF and then at the Rapha Cycle Club for my photo show all day. Swing by both to catch up!

  • C. McCormack

    Took the train up from Man Jose to see the show and say hello, but you weren’t there. Your prints were nice- prolly shoulda been matted though, as they were starting to curl..