Giro is Chasing Speed with the Air Attack Helmet May 15, 2013


Sometimes, using your critiques to fuel your creativity is the best route. Case in point is Giro’s Air Attack helmet. Some love it, others hate it, calling it a “skate helmet”, regardless of how aerodynamic it is. With that in mind, they took Ty out to a local skate park in Santa Cruz and let him chase speed around the bowl on a Cervelo…

Giro’s also running a campaign where you can win that bike (not the thrashed one, a brand new one), along with other prizes. Check it out at Giro and check out more photos of Ty getting rad below.




  • quesofrito

    SO SICK. I kinda like the helmet, forreals.

  • this is so freakin amazing

  • i’d snake this douche in a minute. the spandex is that-a-way

    • i’ll give you one guess as to how many fucks anyone else gives

    • no you wouldn’t… trust me.

    • Ty

      Any bike Any time buddy! Let’s ride!!

    • Ty will get rad on any bike, with or without motor. He is the humble rennaisance mang.

  • Chris McKendry

    Takes me back to the early days of Tracko…

  • Matthew Lew

    These are the helmets MashSF used in the Red Hook Crit earlier this year.

  • Brendan Sund

    Reminiscent of Sean Callahan on his Pista Concept years ago…

    RIP buddy

  • This is absolutely the raddest…

  • Probably the least aesthetically pleasing helmet around at the moment (imho) but these photos are unbelievable.

  • Might not be the best helmet for the Texas heat, but damn those are some cool pictures. Seems like that helmet belongs somewhere more temperate.

  • Alex

    I can’t understand the negative reaction to these helmets. It’s not as if other helmets full of vents are super attractive, and they’re all relatively the same size. Also even as hot as it gets in Australia (where I live) for some months, I still ride for half the year at least with a hat of some sort to keep my head warm. Vents ain’t all that either.

  • Alex

    Oh and the cervelo in the skatepark is just awesome.

  • photo #2 is one of the best i’ve seen all year, shouts Giro for this concept!

  • who shot the shoot?

  • Damn I live right next to this park! Someones gotta tell me when this sorta stuff goes on!

  • Dan Waskiewicz

    @dsmith #tractionmag

  • Tyler Johnson

    A) So sick.

    B) So funny.

    C) Those skaters totally were thinking… “Wtf”