Casey Neistat: Stolen Bike in NYC May 31, 2013

I love the Neistat brothers. Here’s the latest from Casey.

  • So what he’s basically saying is, “Don’t be a lazy dick. When not in use, your bicycle is probably best stored in your fucking massive studio.”

    • Chris Loudermilk

      Hang it from “your fucking massive studio” ceiling.

  • Ryan Connelly

    This is awesome, but the guy is lucky he didn’t try this in Vallejo, CA. A 52 year-old man was just arrested and placed on $15,000 bail for painting a cross-walk… Props to Casey for going ‘undercover’, ha-ha!

  • Crihs

    Dont lock on top of other bikes. and dont lock your top tube, especially if you have nice components. Your tube will get cut.