Bronner Bottle Love May 24, 2013


While I was on the road for the ATOC, I hung out with Garrett and Ranier, two rad guys who are serious about the Earth, just like good ol’ Bronner. To raise money for plane tickets to the 2013 Tour de France, they’re selling a run of these bottles. If you don’t get the reference, these bottles aren’t for you but if you’ve ever used the peppermint castile soap, you know how great it feels after a long ride. Scoop up two of these 22oz Purist bottles (sorry, USA only!) with MoFlo caps at Bronner Bottle.

  • Bob Morgan

    Meh… nothing all that clever here. Not sure why everyone is all sweaty over these.

    • There are a ton of little Easter Eggs in the notes.

    • Jamie McKeon

      dude whats the point on commenting that

    • SAM


  • Joe Lusk

    This is a great idea with a very self-serving goal.

    • Isn’t the definition of selling something “self-serving”?

      • Joe Lusk

        They’re selling a really cool concept for an inflated price(2-3x what other Purist bottles go for) to explicitly raise money for a cool trip? Are they hitting the Bronner family back for the use of their packaging to raise money for their plane tickets? It’s one thing to reappropriate a well known corporate logo that’s constantly injected into the public eye for one’s own purposes, and another to cash in on a small business’s reputation for making genital-tingling soaps with a huge grassroots following so you can fly to France.

        • alex wallis

          the price is for a pair…

  • Ramon Jacquez

    As soon as these arrived at my door I sat down and read the entire label until i found the alterations and when i did it was so worth it. You said it John, if you don’t get it then its not for you. Plan and simple. (sorry about your and Julie’s bag)

  • Dr. Bronner’s fan boys and girls should watch the 2006 documentary titled Magic Soapbox

  • Dominic Davis

    Aren’t plastic bottles like really bad for the earth? Or are they made out of some sort of hemp plastic? I like the bottle but I’m thinking they could of gone about it in a different way.

  • Cool bottles!

    Producing bizarre limited run collectibles like this takes a little extra capital per bottle to produce. Nobody is making a fortune here and there certainly wouldn’t be enough to give the Bronners a significant “kick-back” of profits. The soap makers are winning the day I assure you.

    Basic economics folks, if you want a rare item others don’t have then you have to pay a bit more for it. Simple as that. Gonna have to get me one.
    That said, is the 2 for $30 deal still good? I only see 1 for $22

    • alex wallis

      thats 22 for a pair, 30 after shipping and tax