Brian Vernor: Aaron Bradford in Santa Cruz May 1, 2013

Aaron Bradford with his Rock Lobster track bike. Santa Cruz, CA. March, 2013

Photo by Brian Vernor

There are few cyclist as well rounded as Aaron Bradford. Or as Vernor puts it “a badass in all styles”.  I don’t know Aaron personally, so I can’t argue with that. I just so happened to like the photo. Wanna see more of the bike? Check out Brian’s Flickr.

  • Such a great photo and the bike ain’t too shabby either.

  • hans

    that is a great photo. i can’t say i know Aaron either but when i got fit for a my Rock Lobster a few months ago i talked to him for a while and gleaned a lot from that conversation, he’s a very chill dude. and it’s always fun to watch a racer hop every barrier on every lap.

  • The cycling in Santa Cruz is unmatched, Proud to be from such an amazing place,