Bishop Bikes: Alex’s Aero Pista May 13, 2013


Alex has not had the best luck with bikes over the past few years but Chris Bishop was looking to change that. As a native Baltimoron (is that right?), Alex has always admired Chris’ handywork, prompting him to save some money for a frame and what a bike it is. This Keirin-influenced machine has aero stays and an aero 3 Rensho fork.

You’ve gotta check out more at the Bishop Flickr.

  • Don

    BaltiMORON! Ha! That’s funny. I think it’s Baltimorean. Or Bawlmorean, ye naw.

    • disqus_VFi7PgoorE

      Actually, It’s Bodymore, Murderland!

  • RMD

    Super good looking, amazing details. Congrats to the owner. Hope to see it around downtown Bmore.

  • sparkles!

  • Omg, look at dat details, gorgeous!

  • quesofrito

    this bike is ridiculous in person.