Woody’s All-City Thunderdome Track

Talk to anyone on the US Olympic track team and they’ll tell you that Woody’s one solid wrench. Not only that, but he holds down the repairs at Golden Saddle Cyclery and coaches in his part time. Bottom line, Woody’s one solid fella who knows his way around the velodrome.

After recovering from a MTB wreck, where he broke his femur and clavicle, Jeff from All-City set him up with an Thunderdome track frame to aid in his physical therapy. With a machine like this, no one would need any more encouragement to hit the boards. This was one of the first track bikes I’ve shot where the tires weren’t allowed to touch the ground, save for the photos…

  • Rick Saliga

    Tasty #lightbro

  • love that frame, hope your doing well woody!

  • hans

    glad you are back on the bike Woody! Good photos John!

  • Sick

  • good lord, that is mean

  • groupthugge

    thunderdome on my list of track frames to get. i want to be a biter and rip this bike off to an extent. so beautiful. bad back so positive rise stem. for a while, i was not into ffwd or shimano’s pro carbon track wheels because the logos weren’t decals but they have both since grown on me.

  • exactly why were the tires not allowed to touch the ground?

    • It’s for an indoor track and those are expensive tires.

  • Alex

    That’s really beautifully shot, one of the best you’ve done recently!

  • Brad Mi

    Does anyone know what kind of headset spacers those are? Very sharp…

  • Why the fuck would you put a downward angled stem on a stack of spacers? Flip the stem and ditch a few of them.

    • You’re not an olympic mechanic like the owner of this bike. Your opinion is moot.

      • I already admitted being unqualified to criticize. Just wondering if there was something to learn.

        • In this case he wouldn’t be able to get that bar position with the stem angled upward, hence the spacers underneath. As for the spacers on top and the look that isn’t “tarck-clean,” that weight of extra steerer and spacers doesn’t matter on the track, nor does the aesthetics of a slammed bike. I can only assume that Woody is going for the greatest range of cockpit setup options, especially since his reach might change as he gets deeper into physical therapy.

          Fast recovery man!

  • trackaddict

    The hipster who owns this bike must have bolted on these wheels to get #fixiefamous check the bar tape wear the guy never gets in the drops!

  • Just out of curiosity, how long did it take for him to get back on the bike after his injury. I’m on a very similar situatio, broken femur and shoulder’s hurting a lot (got hit by a car) and really want to get back on my bike asap.

    • Depends on your rehab program and how your body reacts towards it. Hope you get better though dude!

    • Lloyd

      I broke my Femur, the ball off of the top, on Dec 5th. I was cleared to get back on the road on March 15th. Got to start PT on stationary bikes at the end of January though. Our situations could be very different but when I was in your situation I was searching for other stories of cyclists with injuries similar to mine and their recovery time-lines so I figured I’d give you mine.

  • wowzers

  • karnitz

    what type of chain is that? specifically interested in the pin that looks like a screw in the crank cloesup. that bike looks so fast my hair is blown back just looking at it.