Raffy’s Stinner Cross

This has got to be one of my favorite cross bikes I’ve photographed since Ty’s Hufnagel. Raffy’s tale is a unique one, just like his Stinner. He works at Euro Asia and is arguably responsible for gumwall tires being distributed in the continental United States. While the specifics of that are still a but fuzzy, this bike is anything but. Clean, sharp lines mixed in with great paint and a pretty rad build list. See for yourself in the Gallery.

  • John know what saddle pouch that is?

    • Ramblin Roll

      • Ian Stone

        Best tool roll out there! Holds exactly what I need to fix my bike on the go.

  • That’s fucking rad, I love it. More details reveal themselves with each viewing!

  • matt

    “is arguably responsible for gumwall tires being the dopest shit in the continental United States”

  • white flite!!!

  • quesofrito


  • How’s the DI2 on a cross bike?!

    • Chris

      the original Di2 has been raced since it’s development stages on cross bikes, before it was released it was used for years by an employ commuting in Japan every day… at the clinic I went to years ago they raved about how well it can handle harsher conditions.

  • Ooof!

  • No, RALPHY.

  • oldmantofu

    Curious, how much does this bike weigh? What size is it? Considering a Stinner Road but want to see if I can hit a certain weight with the build I have in mind.

    • Not sure. It’s pretty easy to achieve a 16-18lb steel road bike though.