Kevin’s Cinelli Mash Track Bike

This bike was a huge hit when I first posted it back in January. Kevin took his new Cinelli Mash track bike to West Coast Hydrographix for a appliqué of Real Tree camo. I got to see this bike in person yesterday and had to shoot some photos of it. Check out more detail photos in the gallery!

  • Jack Luke

    Them welds are cleeean. Perhaps filled during painting?

  • Marqo

    this is sooooo what I like. Best cinelli mash build by a longshot.

  • I usually prefer more traditional camo but that realtree looks so damn good.

  • this is rad!

  • Jamie McKeon

    what watch is that?

    • Ian Stone

      Some kind of G Shock.

      • Jamie McKeon

        was joking around dude (instagram in joke) but thanks nonetheless

  • Adam Carter

    definitely a great looking bike. i guess i just don’t get the camo thing. army or woods, alike.

    • blake clausen

      irony is dead or at least it should be

  • stickone

    what is this front wheel ? amazing hydro graphics .

    • Spinergy I think

    • Kevlar Mihovich

      Campy Vento

  • Simplicityofjoy

    Pretty nice to see some risers with a decent width!

  • cosi

    are there any places that focus on paint jobs such as this and would be able to paint my bike in a similar way?

    • I mean, I linked to the place that did this in the post…

      • Finnian Casey

        Do you remember or have any clue as to how much this cost?