Jesse’s Hufnagel Fire Road Racer

Ok, brace yourselves here. This bike is absolutely stunning. It’s no secret that Jordan Hufnagel made some Beautiful Bicycles in his days as a frame builder and I feel like in the last few months of his torch time, the bikes he built were so full of class and character. Ty’s cross, his own porteur and Jesse’s “Fire Road Racer”.

When you are from LA, you’re very familiar with the various fire roads and singletrack off-shoots. After spending time on his road bike, carefully descending down these rutted and rocky descents, Jesse decided it was time for a more fitting vehicle… See more in Gallery!

  • Why did Jordan stop building? He built so many fantastic frames…

    • motorcycle spirit journey through south america. gotta do while you’re young.

  • Good lord that’s nice. Fat Paselas are for winners :)

  • I love my Paselas! I run em tubeless on my Archetypes and the ride is oh-so-smooth…

    • Kris Clark

      I also run them tubeless, on stans crests, fastest tire around! *non tour guard

  • Riley Ross

    Pretty Dope.

  • Steven Keyes

    First comment I’ve ever made on this site.

    Army green + Brooks brown + Skin-wall tires + subtle touches of copper in the head-badge and W.A. pendent.
    Absolutely stunning.

  • powder coated thomson looks so sick

  • Been looking at this bike all May on my CycleEXIF calendar … absolutely stunning. Love the cloth bar tape cable rub protection, great idea!

    • I was gonna say the same…certainly brightens up my desk area.

  • Every Hufnagel you post becomes my new favorite bike to lust after

  • JJR7777

    What Tyres are those??

  • I seriously trip out whenever I see this bike.

  • alexei popov

    Is it Hufnagel-made fork or other brand?

    • ENVE

      • alexei popov

        That is what i was thinking. Thanks

  • Freddy Merckx

    32c or 35c on the Pasela’s?

  • Mister Dangerpants

    Wicked nice.

  • Wish you could still get those Tracko Ramblin Roll bags.

  • George

    how did i miss this beaut?!