At Home in the Wood May 29, 2013


… just as much as it’ll be content on the roads.

Since my last Woodville touring bike was stolen, I wanted the guys at Geekhouse to make me another. This time around, I went all out, while still staying on the line of practicality. Everything about this bike rules, but I wasn’t happy with the first photoshoot, so I’ll have to wait to post more.

  • Christian DiCenso

    Sweet lookin’ tires. Is that 700c?

    • Bruce Gordon Rock N Road 700c x 43c

      • hans

        can’t wait for the full set man! i’m loving that green. how are you liking those tires so far? planning on putting those on my rock lobster when it’s done…..

  • Sean Curran

    That stem is damn cool, as well as the rack. Excited to see the rest of it.

  • Steven Keyes

    Geekhouse makes the coolest forks.

    • Elliott Bueler

      Right? I can’t get over that fork. Thing of beauty.

  • My favorite bike of yours. Would love to have a Woodville equipped similar. Nice ride!

  • TRP RRL Retro levers but with black hoods; balleur!

  • So far, one of the sickest bikes I’ve seen for a long while. So, so good.

  • Edward Scoble

    I can understand why you’re changing your tones from your original touring bike, especially after bikepacking that actually make touring even more fun where you can have your cake and eat it.