The 5th Floor & The North Race: BEALACH NA BÀ Apr 27, 2013

Need some weekeend inspiration? Check out the latest from our brothers overseas:

“Rising up from sea level to 2,054 ft in 6 miles, Bealach Na Bà is the 3rd highest paved road in Scotland. Bealach Na Bà is one of the few roads remaining that was engineered like those in the alps with tight hairpin turns and 20% grades so it was an easy decision when it came to choosing a location for this 5th Floor & The North Race collaboration ride.

James Wright (The 5th Floor, Glasgow)
Tim Pulleyn (The North Race)

  • this is sick.

  • Agreed. This is getting out of hand. Now I want to visit Scotland (more than I already did) _and_ Australia (more than I already did).

  • love that death spray custom fork on the low. Badass