Soma Fab: Smoothie Stainless Steel Apr 24, 2013


Now that looks nice! New in from SOMA, the Smoothie Stainless Steel:

“The Smoothie SS uses the same efficient semi-compact geometry developed for the original Smoothie. We chose U.S.-made KVA MS2 stainless for the tubing. The strength and anti-corrosion characteristics of MS2 is really more in the league of titanium than other steel micro-alloys. With MS2 you get the road connected feel that steel is famous for, plus but with noticeably crisper power transfer than you come to expect with steel.”

See more information at SOMA.

  • For all of the people that keep asking to see the fillets on a gorgeous steel frame, THIS!

    • +1 Thats one good looking frame. I’m also glad to hear they are using a semi-compact geo.

  • I’d like a Shmoovie, fixed urban setup.