Share the Road! Apr 29, 2013

Ouch. No sympathy for the rookie move on the moto’s behalf. I just hope the cyclists are ok. Does anyone have a link to what happened and why video was being shot in the first place? It took place on Mulholland Highway in Malibu.

  • tylernol

    I have ridden out there. If it is the hill I think it is , there is a motorcycle shop , or motorcycle club, at the base of it and they joyride up the hill and photographers are there to take shots of them racing up it.

  • Rob M

    This is the final (west most) corner of a section of Mulholland called “The Snake” and attracts so many motorcyclists and drivers that photographers camp out every weekend. This 180 degree corner is decreasing radius and off camber so the difficultly makes it a catalyst for carnage. A famous gathering spot, the Rock Store, is just to the east so it’s a mecca for LA area motorcyclist. I’ve ridden it on a motorbike and bicycle but there’s so much stupidity there that it’s best to be avoided altogether on weekends.

    As an aside, this section of road has also been featured in a few of the past Tour of California stages.

  • Woooah

  • r_s_g

    Wow, that’s a terrible hit. The guy in white kit landed right on his helmet…

    • Ian Stone

      Time to replace it

  • sdsdg sdgdsg

    youtube is full of videos with motorcyclists crashing that corner. some loose control of the rear wheel by pushing too much throttle, others’ front wheel just does not grip enough. also the gravel on side of the road does not let you emergency break, as you are afraid of instantly loosing the front wheel control and falling…

    • idiots… kinda makes you wish that guard rail wasn’t there.

  • That guy seems to have a whole channel of motorbike crashes and action all from that same zone. Sketchy.

  • Ian Stone

    Poor Firefly :(

  • recurrecur

    Poor guy. There’s almost no guarding against that kind of stupidity.
    I ride with a rearview mirror on my glasses to guard against this particular flavor of stupidity, but I don’t think I could have caught sight of that motorcyclist and acted quick enough to get out of the way.

  • Good news. We just corresponded with one of the cyclist involved. Both guys are all right, just some scrapes and bruises.

    • Nice!

    • Trevor H

      Good to hear the cyclists will be alright!

  • Nick Doyle

    Did you even check out the youtube user? Rnickeymouse has heaps of vids, very well known for posting m/c crashes on that corner. He just hangs out there with friends on the weekend and films, and helps when dickheads like that crash.

    • that guy has some awesome slo-mo clips. But he only films that one turn

  • Spoon the Goon

    Seen on Fox Channel 2’s ‘Right This Minute’ this morning… PiNP influencing the mass-media, I like it!

  • Not saying that it was the cyclist’s fault at all but I honestly would never ride my bike on that road. It is a notorious spot for motorists to crash or understeer… riding my bike on that street is just asking for that to happen.

  • God that’s horrible. Not saying that this is the cyclist’s falt at all but I honestly would never ride my bike on that road. That area is notorious for rookie motorists who crash that turn. Riding your bike there is definitely a roll of the dice