Search and State’s New Jersey and Bibs Look Great Apr 19, 2013


There has been a huge push in American-manufactured cycling wear over the past few months and I’m very excited to see Search & State leading the charge. I wear the shit out of the Riding Jacket, especially while traveling and now they’ve just added Riding Shorts to their line. Also, don’t miss the new OD green jersey!

It’s going to be a green spring this year…

  • Deancycle

    How do you like the SAS Riding Jacket compared to Rapha’s offerings?

  • There are more and more MUSA offerings in cycling apparel these days. Too bad Louis Garneau hasn’t embraced multichannel marketing because their products are of the highest quality and a lot of them are made here. Donkey Label is another albeit smaller cycling apparel project out of the twin cities.

    Keep up the good coverage but remember it doesn’t have to cost an arm warmer and a leg to get homeland made stuff.

  • Manin

    210$ for bib short? It’s too much