Shifter Bikes

It’s hard to be around Shifter Bikes and not want to document what Dan does each day. Over the years, he’s become not only a mechanic for many of his customers, but a consultant. There’s only one way to gain knowledge and that’s through experience, something few people have the time for. While many people have naive opinions, Dan has callouses…

Tools of the trade:
Leica M7
Leica Summicron f2 50mm / Zeiss f2.8 28mm
Fuji Neopan 400

  • B&W 400 never gets old. #classy

  • Ian Stone

    What does the Keep Calm button say in #10?

  • Sean Curran

    I really miss working in a bike shop, and mine wasn’t even 1/100th as cool as this place. I like this set a lot, looks like such a cool place to work.

  • That ute (yoot not yootee) is so awesome.