MelburnOut Randomness

When I’m in Melbourne, it’s always a pleasure to meet new people and see some incredible bikes. This go round, I walked almost everywhere with my Mamiya, shooting portraits and other bits of randomness. I finally got all my negatives scanned and they came out great. So let’s waste away the lazy Thursday afternoon with a full-loaded Gallery… Also, a lot of these are sitting in print form at Shifter Bikes, so if you’re in there, swing through a pick up your print.

Check out some narrated photos in the Gallery!

  • Excellent set. You can really tell the difference in quality between the digital and film shots. Looking forward to the Leica gallery ……….

    • These are all film. If that’s what you meant…

      • I was referring to previous galleries of digital photos; in comparison, this film only gallery shows a different quality, particularly in the highlights. Regardless, it is always a pleasure to look at your work.

  • What frame is that SSCX Shifter Bikes frame? It’s awesome!

  • psychopathic fixie rydah

    #27 – wtf