Melbourne Commutes

Commuting, for most anyway, can be a fairly boring and mundane experience, even on a bike. But for those who grew old in the wood, taking the “long way” into work as important as a cup of coffee. My Melbourne mornings usually began slightly hungover, no coffee or breakfast (sorry, brekkie) and immediately hopping onto the bike to ride into the city with Dan from Shifter Bikes. We’d always end up in the same place, but we never took the same route. The Yarra Trails quickly became my new favorite locale in Melbourne.

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Tools of the trade:
Yashica T4
Fuji Neopan 400

  • those electricity lines for the trams in the last one make the set.

  • cory york

    What tires are on the giant?

  • Aaron

    I always felt shameful walking my bike up that section, but now I know others do on the cross bike I feel a bit better about it.

  • zeeeeeeecore

    fuckin’ photogenic Cockatoo on #9! awesome set Prolls!