Outlier: Three Way Trunks Apr 24, 2013


Quite possibly the best shorts ever are back in stock at Outlier. Made in NYC and perfect for summer riding, swimming, corndogging and everything in between. Pick up a pair now at Outlier!

  • how well do these hold up? $100+ is an awful lot for a pair of shorts, at least to my poor ass!

    • i don’t own a pair my self but i have never seen a bad word written about them and im pretty good at the internet.

    • Chris Campbell

      They hold up amazing well! Well worth the $$$. IMO these are just too short. I prefer the slightly longer cut.

  • Hunter Garrison

    I have two pairs and am broke as hell (graduate student). I have had them for 2 years and they still look good. For riding/commuting in Georgia in the Summer (May-Late September) these are essential….No bullshit they may be the best shorts ever made…and I’m generally pretty skeptical of alot of the high end “commuter clothes”. I plan on scrounging up for another pair this year.