Mission Workshop _ PiNP Bike Tour: Day 07 Apr 2, 2013



We all woke up this morning knowing that we only had 70k to go on our trip and most of it was downhill from the bamboo forest. I really wanted to mob some trails on the Geekhouse Mudville, so James and I headed into the bamboo forest to shoot some video. When we got back to the lodge, we ate lunch, packed and headed out.

The ride today was hellish. Even though it was downhill for the first 15 miles, the wind was blowing hard. Then, when we got on the main road, it was filled with potholes and giant trucks spitting exhaust into our faces. Hangzhou was our final destination so we just put our heads down and pushed forward.

Finally, we were in the outskirts, but had to go through four tunnels to make it to the hostel where we were staying. Four tunnels that were so disgusting that the sissy Americans nearly puked after passing through them (myself included). To give you an estimate, the AQI in the tunnels were over 1000 and I forgot my mask.

Tomorrow, we have a day off before heading back to Shanghai, via a bullet train. We’re all nice and tipsy from post-ride beer and are about to head out into town… May the Necronomicog have mercy on our souls.

Keep an eye on Mission Workshop’s (@MissionWorkshop), Factory 5 (@Factory5) and my Instagram (@JohnProlly) during the day for updates.

  • DDH

    1000?! Yikes.

    • Sean Hunter

      sounds like you need some time on the green belt when you get back man. Thats terrible for you.

  • Chris Freeman

    At the risk of looking really stupid, where is the link to the gallery with the narrated photos?

    • I don’t take any digital photos today. Only film…

  • Sean Curran

    I’ve liked following this trip.

    How did you find the CX bike for a trip like this? Glad to hear you got it into some dirt as well.

    • a cross bike is not a touring bike. The chainstays are shorter, head tube is steeper, rake is shorter, bottom bracket is taller. It’s a race bike, not a touring bike. That said, I find that a cross bike is a great all-arounder. Especially for backpack touring. I’m running Jack Brown 33.3 tires and on a 23mm wide rim, balloons out to around 38c.

      I prefer having the weight on my person, rather than the bike for these types of rides. The bike is agile for urban riding, you can bunnyhop over potholes, etc and when you stop for lunch, you don’t have to remove bags / panniers / etc to secure your belongings.

      If you want a touring bike, get a touring bike. If you want a bike that you can race cross on, commute and even do road rides, get a cross bike.

      • Sean Curran

        Thanks John, I’ve been on the hunt for a cross bike for racing for a while, and was wondering how much of a role it could have, meaning would I often use it over my very outdated Lemond road bike. It seems like this would do me well, as my road rides usually find me wanting to cruise down a fire road and I’m used to carrying my pack on my back from mountain biking anyways.

  • What camera did you use for these shots? I really love the light on the first picture. As always, excellent photography.

    • All my digital shots were taken with the 5DMKii and the Canon f2.8 40mm pancake lens, except for the night shots from the group rides, that was the Canon 50mm 1.2 L.

  • Very nice stuff.. with one question: How do you access the internet in China?

    • They block vimeo, facebook, youtube, etc but my site works. Instagram also works but gmail is at 20%. It takes me 20 minutes to load my email, even on a VPN.

  • Maybe I have missed this in the comments somewhere, but how do you get these AQI ratings? Is someone carrying a meter of some kind?