Merckx Mondays Apr 29, 2013



Sun Graphics does a hell of a lot of resprays, oops, pardon me, I meant “restorations”… Shit. Let me start over. In Australia, if you need a place to get a classic Eddy Merckx restored to (or above and beyond) its original condition, the place to go is Sun Graphics.

Andy at FYXO works exclusively with Sun and Shifter to deliver pristine complete future Eddy Merckx classics. Above is one of my favorite Merckx liveries, team Stuttgart. This one’s heading off to Sun for a little TLC and below is a classic Eddy Merckx famed for polished Campagnolo.

I can’t wait to see how both of these turn out. Maybe they’ll be a future Merckx Mondays?

  • boo

    The blues in the second picture came out really nicely. Pro 400h?

    • Portra 400 all day. I’m surprised both came out at all. Wide open lens, 1/30th handheld.

  • OG paint or bust…