Make Sure You Go to the Mudfoot Hump Hundo Apr 16, 2013


Cloud Burst is one of my favorite rides I’ve ever done and was greatly responsible for my changed opinion on riding in Los Angeles. To this day, I still talk about it nonstop. If this daunting ride is too much for you to take on solo, the guys at Mudfoot are organizing the Hump Hundo, a group pedal up to Cloud Burst on May 5th.

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See my photos from Cloud Burst here and here’s my Strava route from last year.

Via Tracko

  • This ride was sensational. After 90-degree temps and wildfires on Friday, the Angeles National Forest became way, way cooler come Sunday morning.
    GSC & Mudfoot hosted in fine style – Whiskey for breakfast, a super-social roll out to Hwy 39, and then it all went quiet… Above 5,000 feet, the weather closed right in. Insane winds, temps down to 37ºF, low visibility. Hands froze.
    The run down to Newcomb’s Ranch wasn’t exactly a cakewalk either, with crosswinds and pricks in Escalades trying to blow us off the road. It was a relief to sit by the fire and get that ‘2’ sticker.
    Back at GSC, the beer flowed and tales were told. Amazing support from Mudfoot, Golden Saddle & Moth Attack, so good to see all those guys up there.