Knog: No Ordinary Road – the Blinder Apr 10, 2013

The new Knog Blinder Road is looking great. I can’t wait to try one out. 200 lumens in the front and 70 lumens in the rear, these lights will supply the rider with 100% visibility in any weather and they’re USB rechargeable.

  • Robert

    Definitely getting these for my road bike! way to expensive for my lockup bike though, €2,- disposable lights are the way to go here.

    • eckm

      they’re incredibly easy to remove and attach. when you lock up your bike you take them with you.

  • jdubyargh

    I’ve been riding with mine now for a month, I love them and the charge holds well!

    • Sean Curran

      Are they for sale somewhere? this seems like one of the best options out there, I might have to pick one up for the front.

      • These’ll be available in shops within the next month. Get stoked!

  • Dean

    I am using the rear, which I thought was only 44 lumens?

    Still, the best light I’ve had back there. Visibility is obvious with my riding conditions.

    • Blinder Road Rear is going to be similar to the 44-lumen Blinder 4V that’s available now, but juiced way the heck up. 70 lumens, side visibility cutaways, and 3+1 LED configuration that cranks. Check here for more:

      • Dean

        This is good news. I’ll keep an eye out on their release and upgrade accordingly. My 11-year-old will get the side promotion to the 4V then.

  • jdubyargh

    Sorry not the roads, just the blinders. My bad. They’re still kick ass probably regardless.

  • I love the look of these lights, and on paper they sound great, but I’ve had two Knog Boomer headlights fail on me. I really don’t want to spend the kind of money they’re asking for lights that will also likely fail.