Kim Heikkinen: Orange OG Gangsta Apr 19, 2013


Photo by Kim Heikkinen

Damn Kim, that’s a rad bike. I really miss my old Gangsta track and its 4130 soul. See more of Kim’s newest rendition of his OG Gangsta with a new front brake here.

  • drinkslinger

    Best color for an OG BMW! Reminds me of Austin Horse’s BMW. Always wanted one of these

  • recurrecur

    It doesn’t come with that fork anymore, does it?

    • Itsnotgood

      Nah Its doesnt, they were meant to be making another batch. But with anything BMW you never know.

  • pkks

    This is still one of the nicest bikes in Helsinki imo.

  • They still making bikes? Checked their site doesn’t seem to be working.

    • Itsnotgood

      Yep they still make the Gangsta, just not in the usa anymore and without that style fork either :(