In Stock: Orange PAUL Components Touring Cantis and Moon Units Apr 30, 2013


Dark Side of the Moon… unit!

I love the PAUL Components Touring Cantis. I’ve had them on my touring bike, my cross bike and just about everyone I know has them on at least one of their bikes. They’re a classic, no-nonsense cantilever brake. Unlike many cantilevers, these arms are angled upwards. This gives the brake a much narrower profile without significantly reducing stopping power.

As a throwback to the 80’s MTB era of bright anodizing, I teamed up with PAUL to produce yet another run of purple Touring Cantis and matching Moon Units.

$240 Shipped in the USA, $250 shipped internationally. That gets you a pair of Touring Cantis (front and rear) and a pair of Moon Units. In stock now at the PiNP Web Shop.


  • Not putting these on the Geekhouse. I’m actually changing that bike up a bit…

    • jb

      Mini V brakes?

      • No, I’m just swapping out the orange for a purple HS and a black BB then removing all the logos and buying another SV Integrated stem but in black.

  • Ian Stone

    These look good, but they just don’t flow with the color scheme of my bike.

  • Malcolm T

    hype is the new hype

    • Sean Curran

      Yeah, I dont get it. they look great and all, but wow. It makes sense for someone like john to step in and offer some colors since paul wasnt, but the way people clamored over these was pretty comical.

      • I think people clamored over them because the price is lower than what the MSRP is… and the color.

        • Sean Curran

          I didn’t realize the brakes didn’t come with the moon units from paul, sorry about that. I guess I might have clamored if I had known as well. I apologize to all the clamorers for criticizing, haha. Unfortunately I just bought a trek with a terrible paint job that nothing looks good with so these weren’t even on the radar.

          • All good. FWIW, anodized components usually have an additional charge as well. I’m just trying to get some rad US-made products out there on people’s bikes. :-)

  • Don’t forget that this bundle cost less than a standard black bundle from Paul. That deserves hype, Orange you glad I saved money?

    • yerp…

      • Keris

        When will there be more? I checked these at work, went to find the visa and came back to Sold Out :(

  • Really wanted these but just couldn’t fit it into my budget this month, hopefully they come around again!

  • I gotta ask…
    How many do you stock in these kind of runs?
    Seems like you sell out faster than a KAWS toy.

  • Most important is good marketing. That photo is great!

  • Nic Mattock

    We need anodised moon units only! For those of us with a gazillion sets of Paul’s brakes already who don’t want to go buy another whole set :)