I’m Back in Melbourne! Apr 9, 2013



Man. It feels great to be back in Melbourne. After a hellish flight out of China, I got picked up by Andy from FYXO. Less than an hour later, we were out on a ride up frontage roads less than 3 miles from his home. Talk about detox! Steep dirt climbs, fast gravel descents and even a dead snake.

Melb’in is heaven. See a few more random shots below and don’t worry there will tons of radness on the way.




  • What are the Skewers?

  • Lemontime

    Sydney’s better. Plus it’s raining and drivers are more aggressive. What is not to love!

    • James Nichols

      Haha! Serious though prolly, you should come back to Sydney. I can take you for some wild rides.

    • Rob

      Keep telling yourself that buddy.

      • I hear the drop bear population in Sydney dropped (heh) drastically after they broke into a local Bourbon bar.

      • Lemontime

        Alas, I must concede to thee. It isn’t actually raining. I apologise.

        • Sydney does have good pies.

          • Lemontime

            Mother fucker…

  • Ian Michelson

    Where are you in Melbourne? Would love to go for a ride! Thursday??

  • Richard Smith

    It’s interesting that you clean your bikes with a hose. Do you ever experience problems with bearings?

    • Sean Curran

      there sealed? most decent bikes are fine to wash with a hose. Also, there both CX bikes, if they cant handle a wash with a hose, they would have much bigger problems.

    • disqus_fGMcYyThpG

      Pro bikes get cleaned with power washers, just dont shoot into bearings

  • Yeah John, give me a holler if you make it to Sydney. I’ve fine tuned my bourbon tastes!