Giro: New Road in Northern California Apr 11, 2013

Cycling apparel is one thing, when its on a model, in a catalog, but when its out in the real world, on real riders, that’s when you can see its true merits. When I was first contacted by Giro to be a part of the New Road in Northern California weekend, I couldn’t see myself as a “cycling model”.

After arriving at the ranch, I realized that the people who were involved are cyclists and a good representation of who would wear the apparel. For me, that’s credible just like Giro’s products. We’re all just regular riders. Except for Ty, he’s a real model. Check out some photos and bios of the people who were in NorCal for tis video here at Giro.

  • Andrea Tetrault

    Lovely stuff, but like with Levis, I cannot understand the logic of not including a women’s line. They know women ride too, right? Maybe it’s in the works. In any case, they are far more likely to listen to you than me, and you do have that cool crusader hat… if you could mention it that would be rad. Be sure to wear the hat.

    • If i remember right, they said that they are planning to release a women’s line next. So it’s coming.

      • Andrea Tetrault

        That’s cool. I hope it has the same sensibility as the mens’ line and isn’t all pink and flowery. Looking forward to seeing it.

  • Alice Stribling

    I agree about feeling like they missed the mark not having anything for women. It’s a turn off.

  • PNT

    everything in this one is perfect. everyone involved good job.

  • Does anyone know the song? It would be greatly appreciated!

    • PNT

      also want to know.

  • Women’s line is coming; it’s currently in production.

    • Andrea Tetrault


  • The_Palooch

    Can’t get over how good this video is. What’s the song?

  • GOo

    Hi y’all. I filmed and edited this video. The music is an unpublished song by my good friend Sean that he calls “Tides”. He’s been playing it for years around campfires and gatherings and I thought it would fit well with this edit so one night we recorded it and it worked great. Glad you like it!