Fyxomatosis: Woodn’t it Be Nice Apr 18, 2013


Photos by Andy White

Many years ago, Andy had his first love affair with the ‘Wood. You can read about it here (seriously, do it). I remember the first time I read that ride report. My mind was blown. “Those Aussies are insane”. This year was the first time a large group went on the ride and it won’t be the last time. Before you read about some brand claiming the roads are their own, go out and do it yourself. These roads are yours for the taking.

If you need any more motivation, head over to FYXO for the full checklist of how to get into the ‘Wood as well as more incredible photos.

Great photos Andy. Let’s do it again in October.

  • Doesn’t slinging your Canon over your shoulder get dicey sometimes? I guess it’s easier to blindly point and shoot.