Emily Maye: Cobbled Classics Apr 10, 2013




Photos by Emily Maye

Emily has a new gallery up on her site entitled “Cobbled Classics“. The photos should get you into the mood for some Flemish fun, especially with road season in full swing and the exhilarating finish of the 2013 Paris Roubaix.

Also, that looks like Chris Milliman‘s hands in the last photo. He’s shooting film? I’d like to see that Chris.

  • Sean Curran

    I really love her work. I need to go find the longest section of cobbles in Boston now and do some laps.

  • quesofrito

    isn’t that the fuji xpro digi thing? there’s only two dudes that shoot film at paris roubaix!

    • Guest

      Leica M3

    • Leica M3, actually.

      • quesofrito

        SORRY CHRIS! my faith in film photography is fading. glad you’re keeping the dream alive, too.

        • BRO, you just got BRO’d by Milliman, BRO.

          • quesofrito

            I HATE GETTING BRO’D