Cadence: Raw Denim Back in Stock Apr 25, 2013


Cadence’s popular Raw Denim is back in stock. Made in the USA, with construction that will last years, for under $100. Pick up a pair here but remember, raw denim will stretch out a size or two, so size accordingly.

  • Rick Saliga

    It’s a shame they only make them in one length. No love for the tall and lanky people.

    • Sean Curran

      how long are they? I cant find it on there. Its too bad, I need 34×34’s, so I’m most likely out of luck. Its awesome that they are able to do made in USA raw denim for under $100 though, I dont think theres better options out there.

      • Sean Curran

        I didnt click on the image, 31 1/2″ for 34. Too bad.

  • Ian Stone

    I wish they had a style that sits a little higher on my waist. Too much crack shows when I ride with these.

  • zeeeeeeecore

    been using a pair almost everyday and it does get better with age. had i known this (raw denim will stretch out a size or two, so size accordingly.) 2 years ago, i would’ve chosen a 32. does this happen on the Exon as well?

  • John Martin

    I am 6’1″/145lbs with a 33″ inseam, and the 32’s I have fit perfectly. I bought a pair six months ago and have worn them every day since then, with my first soak/wash a few weeks ago. Amazing fit and amazing pants.

    I will say, however, that a month ago the crotch started to tear and it has been getting worse ever since. Not sure if this is just from getting on and off the bike many times a day or from poor design, but YMMV. It’s unfortunate that I only got 6 months out of them, but I might give them another try, since I liked them so much. Image of tearing:

    • Update: The crotch holes got worse, and I eventually retired that pair and bought a new pair. I am going on around 9 months with the new pair, and they are performing much better! No crotch holes yet (knock on wood). The newer version is also a tiny bit less-slim fitting but still slim enough to avoid most of the chain/crankset rub. I actually like the fit better than the older version. Conclusion: New and improved! Go get them!

  • Dillon Martino

    What has been you experience with these over a prolonged period of time? Seriously considering picking up a pair..

  • seriously considering to buy one too, however the ship fee costs me more than 100 USD

  • I wish they made smaller sizes. The 28s are way too big for me (I’m a 28 in Levi’s and Rapha). Worse for their hoodies… those things are dope but the smallest size is small and it’s like a damn tent!

  • Guest

    If anyone’s looking for the hard to find black cadence denim, there’s a new with tags one here: