Brooks Introduces the C17 Cambium Vegan Saddle Apr 17, 2013


What’s this? A vegan Brooks saddle? It’s true. You can register to test the newest addition to the Brooks England line, the C17 Cambium vegan saddle for free! Simply check out more information and photos below. Even I want to try one of these out.


Register to Test the C17 for Free.
Brooks England Invites First 100 Cyclists to try the “Brooks C17”, a Revolutionary New Saddle Birmingham manufacturer invites interested parties to register at

Birmingham, 17th April. Brooks England, the world’s oldest bicycle saddle manufacturer famous for the iconic leather saddles, is inviting 100 people to try the Cambium, a new generation of saddles with no equal on the market.


The Cambium is made from a uniquely flexible natural rubber and organic cotton top, enhanced by a thin layer of structural textile for added resilience. This vulcanized waterproof top, which follows the rider’s movements, is immediately comfortable, maintenance-free, and highly abrasion-resistant to offer the longevity for which Brooks is legendary.


Working up to the 17th June release, Brooks is selecting a diverse group of 100 individuals worldwide to be the first to try this revolutionary new saddle. Those selected are invited to try the saddle for a few months and share their feedback, which will be published on the Cambium website.

The individuals selected will include men and women of differing body type and age, using a variety of bicycles, and importantly:
-33 will be long-time users of Brooks Leather Saddles.
-33 will be cyclists who have used both Brooks Leather Saddles and other saddles.
-34 will be cyclists who have never used a Brooks Leather Saddle.

Individuals who wish to register for consideration to be the first to try the Cambium may do so before 17th May at

All registrants will receive a 10% discount to the Brooks online shop!

  • PNT

    the bottom link to brooks site is not working, just letting you know:)

  • Guest

    i think it’s first time brooks not using leather for the saddle

  • take out the final comma and it works fine!

  • nice to see an option, and a good looking one at that, but then again if you really care about being vegan, you’re still supporting a company that uses leather like crazy

  • Adam Carter

    John: will you be getting one of these to test?

    really interested to find out how much they’ll go for!

  • David Rangel

    Scored one. I’ve tried to ride Brooks a few times; never with success. Including a three-month by the book effort. This saddle was ready to ride out of the box, looks super trick, and isn’t heavy. Comfortable, extremely well crafted. I’m planning on buying another as soon as they are available for purchase publicly.

  • I own one of these and have for quite a while now. LOVE it!!!