Blue Lug: Fairweather Pack Saddle Bags Apr 30, 2013



When you want to carry just a little more than your jersey pockets will allow and the idea of having a backpack on just isn’t cutting it, pack bags are great alternatives. With more and more companies breaking into the market, Blue Lug Japan is supporting their local manufacturers, Fairweather.

I have to admit, these are the nicest looking pack saddle bags I’ve seen so far. I really like the easy-to-access top velcro pocket. I know Marty at Geekhouse has been loving his for weekend trips. See more photos at the Blue Lug Flickr and pick one up at Blue Lug.


    Does Blue Lug ship to the USA?

    • Keris

      I can’t find any info about this on their website.

  • ZianStudios

    damn that Icarus looks sexy

    • Yeah and Porcelain Rocket. But it’s different enough.

  • Justin

    is there a way to convert the text to english on the site? as well as currency??

  • I just tried to order a black one.
    But I couldn’t read anything on the site.
    Wish there was a way to convert it to english.

  • Chrome will auto translate for you. I’ve been using it to shop Rakuten with great success.

  • Thanks! For more info, email me, wkk at